Jeff Dermott Ltd can manage all your application of fire protection. We are one of New Zealand’s largest applicators of intumescent coatings to steel work, timber & gib board.

We have strict quality control procedures in place and our standard of work will exceed your expectations & also have one of the best inspection process of completed work which normally get straight through councils.

CAP800-1S system is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial projects; for both new and refurbishment applications. The system must be applied complete and no substitutions can be applied for any part of the system.

What are intumescent coatings?
Intumescent coatings provide an appearance similar to that of a paint finish. At ambient temperatures, they remain stable. However, in a fire situation, the increase in temperature causes a chemical reaction.

The intumescent coating expands to many times its original thickness. This provides an insulating foam-like coating or “char” which protects the substrate.

The intumescent coating is designed to insulate the steel, and prevent the temperature of the steel from rising to a critical point at which structural failure becomes possible.